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The world's most famous chocolate cake SACHERTORTE

A sweet time, given to sweets lovers.
The design and fragrance are exactly luxury suites.
There is no expiration date so you can enjoy it all the time.
After enjoying seeing with eyes, let's heal with the light of the candle by lighting the fire.

Candle with a realistic design and a real looking scent.
Happy feelings when I ate sweets with melting Dolce Candles.
Let's treat your important person to happiness!

Shipping fee : Free Shipping
Fragrance : Aroma of chocolate
Size : Box W 75mm x L 75mm x H 85mm
Quality: With paraffin · auto stop (automatic extinguishing) processing
Burning time: About 30 minutes to 1 hour (reference)
The burning time is an average value in an environment of no wind and temperature around 20 to 28 degrees.It varies depending on usage conditions such as humidity, temperature and wind.
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The delivery may be delayed for certain reasons.
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